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Smack. Crunch. Shatter. All of them end in silence. And from that, the impact resonates within us; spurring us to produce sound and action. Laughter. Cries. Applause. A determined light blossoms in the vast void of Us, ultimately taking shape as thoughts and half-baked, heartfelt nothings. Like the air around us, all impacts are mystical… Continue reading Impact


My name is Ashley and I’m a 29-year-old living in the relative quiet of Japan’s suburban countryside. I spend most of my time listening to the same music, watching the clouds pass by, and getting fat off junk food.

I never know what to put down as a self-introduction. There’s too many options! Because of my indecisive personality, I’ll periodically answer an ice-breaker. Feel free to let me know your answer, too. Here is August’s:

Have you ever met a celebrity?

Yes, I have! I had the pleasure of meeting Matthew Grey Gubler from Criminal Minds. He was such a pleasant man and incredibly receptive to hugs.