May your hair be cured! (short ver.)


Damaged hair. Why are women (and men) subconsciously obsessed with it? And why are they obsessed with it looking good? The anthropologist in everyone would tell you, “It’s because good looks reflect the health of the individual. Health was coveted; therefore, valuable to have in a mate.”

Health meant attractive and attractiveness meant one would be able to pass those features down to future generations in the hopes of survival. But does survival mean so much now as it did back then?

Probably not.

And what does all of this have to do with me? Nothing, except to soothe my insecure vanity, I finally purchased Japanese shampoo and conditioner (plus hair mask!). Yes, they’re Dove products but I double-checked and they ARE made in Japan.

Now, I have researched time and again harmful products in cosmetics in the hopes of finding a more wholesome product without having to break out my chemistry set and concoct homemade goods. The biggest culprits were substances that irritated an already dried out scalp. If you’d like to know more information on what’s lurking in your shampoo and conditioner, I believe these websites will help you:

Dove has a well-known reputation and is considered to be top-of-the-line by the Everyday Consumer. Having had a bad experience with Pantene, I have been leery since about purchasing drugstore cosmetics. I was easily sucked into believing that salon brands were what my hair needed. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s not true ANYMORE!

As for what Dove did for my hair, I’m already noticing a difference in the amount of dry flake coming off my head. Itching has greatly decreased. It’s even easier to brush whereas the “natural” products I was using from The Body Shop seemed to make the damage stand out more, thus creating a nest of tangles.

No one wants to be caught mid-stroke.

I also feel like I’m not using as much on my hair. Both the conditioner and shampoo goop on with ease and rinse off without feeling like I’m skidding on Windex-ed glass. Or chewing on cold, uncooked broccoli… whichever gives you that squeaky clean sensation.

While these websites recommend other products for us, you can rest assured that Dove is still dependable in Japan.

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