School Lunch, Ep. 4

Before we get started, have you read my other entries on school lunch? Please be sure to catch up by reading Episodes One, Two, and Three.

And awa~y we go~!


School lunch is back! And bo~y am I grateful. Just because a new school year starts doesn’t mean school lunches are immediately in effect. When they do kick into gear, the first lunch of the year is typically a kind of Good Luck fiesta. All of the best dishes come into play.

And, just between you and I, I don’t like being responsible for bringing my lunch to school. ¥281 (about $3.00) for a full meal is very convincing and, not to mention, cheap!


Today’s lunch was:

  • Sekihan (赤飯, sweet red sticky rice with adzuki beans)
  • Teriyaki chicken
  • Isobe-ae (磯辺和え, pickled vegetables with roasted seaweed)
  • Sumashi jiru (すまし汁, a clear broth soup)
  • Strawberry stick cake

Red sticky rice is a fun upgrade from the every day white sticky rice. I’m still trying to figure out if it’s even healthy to eat. To bring out the sweetness, salt and black sesame seeds are added. Hefty, textured, complemented the soup nicely. Ashley Rating: 8/10

Teriyaki Chicken
I wish I could say that I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like teriyaki chicken, bu~t you should never count your chickens before they hatch. I watched a boy sitting next to me at the lunch table struggle to eat his. He’s not the first I’ve seen to shy away from The Original White Meat. Ashley Rating: 8/10

Either these vegetables were cooked in vinegar water or they weren’t pickled for very long. Any vegetables can be used, but today’s lunch included lotus root, cabbage, and carrots. I honestly felt today’s salad was more of a boiled vegetable medley more than anything. Ashley Rating: 5/10

For me personally, clear broth soups are a pain for me to achieve. I’m sure there’s a trick that only being raised in Japan can give you. The soup itself is normally very deep tasting and takes on the ingredients’ personalities. Today’s was very earthy as it used mushrooms and onions. Unfortunately, mine tasted… interesting. There was a lingering something that remained on my tongue. Ashley Rating: 6/10

Strawberry Stick Cake
The texture was good — nice and spongy. My only complaint is that it was too sweet. Because I don’t think it has appeared in school lunch up to this point, for now, I’m not a fan. Ashley Rating: 4/10

What kind of things did you look forward to when you ate school lunch? Did you even eat school lunch or did you bring your mom’s homemade goodness? In my case, it was my dad’s slap-it-together fun boxes. I’ll have to introduce you to the PBB&J sandwich.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next update!

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