School Lunch, Ep. 7

I’m a week behind in getting the school lunches to you, the adoring public. This post will be abbreviated and not detail my reactions and opinions. It’s not like you need them anyway, lol.


April 15, 2019

  • たけのこご飯 (takenoko gohan, rice with bamboo root and peas)
  • さばじゃがメンチコロッケ (saba jyaga menchi korokke, ground and fried mackerel patty)
  • さやえんどうの和え物 (sayaendo no aemono, vegetables with bonito flakes)
  • 玉ねぎのみそ汁 (tamanegi no miso shiru, onion miso soup)



April 16, 2019

  • ご飯 (gohan, rice)
  • 白身魚の甘辛だれ (shiromi zakana no amakara dare, white fish with sweet and sour sauce)
  • 大豆とひじきの炒め煮 (daizu to hijiki no itameni, white beans stir fried with seaweed)
  • 若竹汁 (waka take shiru, young bamboo miso soup)



April 17, 2019

  • 食パン (shoku pan, sliced bread)
  • イチゴジャム (ichigo jamu, strawberry jelly)
  • タンドリーチキン (tandorii chikin, tandori chicken)
  • ポテトサラダ (poteto sarada, potato salad)
  • 野菜スープ (yasai suupu, vegetable soup)



April 18, 2019

  • ご飯 (gohan, rice)
  • サーモンフライ (saamon furai, fried salmon)
  • たけのことあらめの煮物 (takenoko to arame no nimono, simmered bamboo with vegetables)
  • かきたま汁 (kakitama shiru, egg flour soup)



April 19, 2019

  • うどん (udon, udon noodles)
  • 山菜汁 (sansan shiru, mountain vegetable soup)
  • 揚げ出し豆腐の野菜あんかけ (agedashi tofu no yasai ankake, fried tofu with vegetable sauce)
  • さくら蒸しパン (sakura mushi pan, steamed bread with sweet potatoes inside)


**If you haven’t read the previous episodes on school lunch, please be sure to check out Episode 1 and work your way forward!** See you next time!


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