School Lunch, Ep. 8


April 22, 2019

  • ご飯 (gohan, rice)
  • ポークカレー (pohku kare, pork curry)
  • 大豆のコロッケ (daizu no korokke, bean corquette)
  • 青じそサラダ (aojiso sarada, vegetable salad with Japanese basil dressing)



April 23, 2019

  • ご飯 (gohan, rice)
  • きびなごのごまフライ(kibinago no goma furai, fried herring)
  • たけのことあらめの煮物 (takenoko to arameno nimono, simmered bamboo with vegetables)
  • かきたま汁 (kakitama shiru, egg flower soup)
  • あまなつ (amanatsu, Japanese grapefruit)


April 24, 2019

  • 丸パン (maru pan, bread roll)
  • 鶏肉のトマト煮 (toribiku no tomatoni, simmered chicken with tomato sauce)
  • コールスローサラダ (kohrusuroh sarada, coleslaw salad)
  • かぼちゃのミルクスープ (kabocha no miruku suupu, creamy kabocha soup)



April 25, 2019 (Elementary School Day, no menu information)

  • ご飯 (gohan, rice)
  • ししゃも揚げ (shishamo age, fried smelt)
  • 親子丼 (oyakodon, chicken and eggs simmered together with potatoes)
  • きゅうり (kyuuri, pickled cucumbers)
  • みそ汁 (miso shiru, miso soup)


April 26, 2019

  • さけちらし (sakechirashi, rice mixed with salmon and edamame)
  • 鶏肉のお茶揚げ (toriniku no ocha age, green tea battered fried chicken)
  • すまし汁 (sumashi shiru, a traditional clear-brothed soup)
  • お茶プリン (ocha purin, green tea flavored pudding)
  • Fun fact: There was so much rice left over from the teachers’ table that I took it upon myself to make rice balls and stash them in the office fridge. I hope they got eaten.

**If you haven’t read the previous episodes on school lunch, please be sure to check out Episode 1 and work your way forward!** See you next time!


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