I Dreamt You Moved On

I dreamt you moved on

through the muted green background

of the phones that once connected us.

The growing silence,

the spaced messages;

I tried to find the answers

to the universe’s rhetorical questions.

I dreamt you were a leaf

drifting along a stream to the ocean

full of the possibilities that once connected us.

Kissing me along the way,

resting for a moment,

enjoying the space;

we pondered the universe’s rhetorical questions,

for there is no use keeping you from the experiences you seek.

I dreamt you moved on

through to the muted green tides

of the oceans that now connect us.

Photo by Josh Sorenson on Pexels.com

Author: Ashley Coulthard

I'm a Las Vegas native, currently living the expat life in Japan. I have a blog dedicated to my experiences, thoughts, and joys.

One thought on “I Dreamt You Moved On”

  1. A twinkling star shines high in the starry night
    On each dim, I send a smile to it
    A silent prayer for me, a stellar smile for you
    Alone we are not. One star is always ours

    We stand apart, like sky and sea
    Each one on its own, but always aware of each other
    The same winds move our existences, for freedom is our essence
    We own the weight of the lives that traverse through us

    A twinkling star shines high in the starry night
    On each dim, I send a smile to it
    Moving forward in this endless world
    Always smiling to that one star of ours
    I pray my smile always reaches yours
    let it be our little piece of eternity

    Tomorrows will come and go
    the star I put my hopes on may not be there anymore
    the smile I sent, lost will be forever
    But I’ll send up my soul; let it be a new star
    We will be apart, for the eternity to come
    But I’ll pray no more, for sure I will be
    That the smile I send, will always reach you
    when you look up the starry night sky


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