I Dreamt You Moved On

I dreamt you moved on through the muted green background of the phones that once connected us. The growing silence, the spaced messages; I tried to find the answers to the universe's rhetorical questions. I dreamt you were a leaf drifting along a stream to the ocean full of the possibilities that once connected us. …

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Hi, hello. Can you help me?

Hi, hello. Can you help me? I’m looking for who I used to be. Unconcerned, dazzled by the simple Things weren’t so clouded then. *** Excuse me. Are you busy? I’m looking for a life that’s a little less dizzy. Uncluttered, easy to slide into A soft, warm blanket would be welcome. *** Oh, I’m …

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Things I’ve Realized as I Turn 30

With age, our perceptions of things change. Long gone is the innocence of the world, the simple steps in life; wake up, go to work, make money, come home and sleep. I suppose the overcomplication of adult life could be simplified down to that bare minimum, but we refuse to see things so plainly. These are but one of the things I notice as I turn 30.

Back Home and My Fortune (New Year’s 2021)

So, I'm late on the new year's wishes and felicitations. That's OK, right? I travelled back to my hometown of Gotemba for the occasion. Arriving at night, the town was as quiet as ever. But I could see that the old royal residence wasn't immune to the tides of time. The Subway I had eaten …

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Hey! What’ve you been up to?!

The dishes from Christmas dinner need to be put away. I keep staring out of the curtained window, like I'm waiting for something to happen. What is it artists use to record their videos? Do I even want to push my art into the world and jump on that bandwagon? A composition I threw together …

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Smack. Crunch. Shatter. All of them end in silence. And from that, the impact resonates within us; spurring us to produce sound and action. Laughter. Cries. Applause. A determined light blossoms in the vast void of Us, ultimately taking shape as thoughts and half-baked, heartfelt nothings. Like the air around us, all impacts are mystical …

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What have you been doing lately? (Part 2)

I shunned the idea and thought, "Pfft, why do I need to go find people? They should come to me!" I mean, that's what my family was always going on about whenever I'd have a falling out with love. Shouldn't it work the same way with friends? God, what a pompous noodle butt I was... am?