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Oyster Sauce and Eggs: Versatility!

Before becoming accustomed to un-American foods, you could never have convinced me to eat something like oyster sauce. Even though I believed myself a consumer of just about anything, my scope was rather limited when I think about it. Brussels sprouts? Sure! Asparagus? No problem. Poached eggs? As long as they didn't have Hollandaise sauce,… Continue reading Oyster Sauce and Eggs: Versatility!

Cuisine of the Middle Class

Muffin’ Meats Meatmoaf

Nothing beats meatloaf. It's one of the biggest comfort foods in America and when it came time to wrangling my cravings here in Japan, I was stumped. I couldn't imagine walking into the supermarket and finding the Wall of Spice Packets for the Lazy Cook (though there are some hanging from an endcap somewhere - my… Continue reading Muffin’ Meats Meatmoaf

Cuisine of the Middle Class

School Lunch, Ep. 7

I'm a week behind in getting the school lunches to you, the adoring public. This post will be abbreviated and not detail my reactions and opinions. It's not like you need them anyway, lol. April 15, 2019 たけのこご飯 (takenoko gohan, rice with bamboo root and peas) さばじゃがメンチコロッケ (saba jyaga menchi korokke, ground and fried mackerel… Continue reading School Lunch, Ep. 7

Cuisine of the Middle Class

School Lunch, Ep. 8

April 22, 2019 ご飯 (gohan, rice) ポークカレー (pohku kare, pork curry) 大豆のコロッケ (daizu no korokke, bean corquette) 青じそサラダ (aojiso sarada, vegetable salad with Japanese basil dressing)   April 23, 2019 ご飯 (gohan, rice) きびなごのごまフライ(kibinago no goma furai, fried herring) たけのことあらめの煮物 (takenoko to arameno nimono, simmered bamboo with vegetables) かきたま汁 (kakitama shiru, egg flower soup) あまなつ… Continue reading School Lunch, Ep. 8

Cuisine of the Middle Class · Everyday Livin'

School Lunch, Ep. 6

Hello, again! It's me with your school lunch update. You'll have to excuse my tardiness. On Fridays, I want to ignore everything I'm meant to be doing. Unfortunately, that means remaining in a stale state, staring dumbly off into the distance. It's Monday again and I need to shake off the funk. I present to you… Continue reading School Lunch, Ep. 6

Cuisine of the Middle Class

Osechi: Cooking for Good Luck

Good afternoon! I was just about to post these pictures on Instagram but thought I’d better talk about them here first. While there are plenty of websites that explain what osechi (お節料理) is, this entry will detail my firsthand experience cooking authentic Japanese foods. Here we go! This is what $80 at the supermarket looks… Continue reading Osechi: Cooking for Good Luck

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Kimchi, Pork, and Tofu

It dawned on me that I should probably write about my meal before posting it to Instagram saying there is, indeed, a blog post detailing the ingredients. Also, I think my butt will start looking like rice if I keep eating as much as I do. Funny how one carb was switched out for another...… Continue reading Kimchi, Pork, and Tofu

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Cabbage and Hot Dogs

Many of you may have been directed here from my Instagram account. Thank you for coming! Let's get down to business. (English) What you'll need: Cabbage Hot dogs (or you preferred kind of sausage) Cooking oil Salt and pepper to taste (Instant macaroni and cheese is optional) Heat the oil in a frying pan. While… Continue reading Cabbage and Hot Dogs

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Hurry! Get your curry!

What do you think of when you hear the word “curry?” Ann Curry? Tim Curry? Curry with naan? I bet you weren’t aware that one of the staple dishes in Japan is curry. That’s right! I’m not talking about a stereotype here. Curry in Japan is a soul food – kids roll up their sleeves… Continue reading Hurry! Get your curry!

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The Ramen Virgin

I can’t remember offhand when I finally got around to having ramen, but I did give it a shot. It was unexpectedly cold one day when I went out to go grocery shopping (and you know what they say about doing that on an empty belly), so I thought I would warm up by stopping… Continue reading The Ramen Virgin