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What have you been doing lately? (Part 1)

It's becoming more and more evident that, despite living out in the countryside, the virus will spread as long as people keep moving around, unaware they're contaminated. And would you believe I STILL see people not wearing a mask?


Chichibu-no-miya Memorial Park

Are you fond of nature? Do you like to take big whiffs of that fresh mountain air? Does your throat freeze with overwhelming emotion? Your heart is light when you think of the wind making the leaves giggle, the brooks babbling to each other, and the creatures making their chitter-chatter. You want to play with… Continue reading Chichibu-no-miya Memorial Park


Jumping Jellyfish and Bouncin’ Bars

I’ve got chills and they’re multiplyin’! And I’m losin’ control for the power you’re supplyin’ is electrifyin’! I’ve certainly got chills, all right. Autumn has swept through the mountains of Gotemba with a vengeance not in the form of hail and catastrophe but with a slanting mist. If it were any colder, it would have… Continue reading Jumping Jellyfish and Bouncin’ Bars


The Arrival

日本へようこそ!I have arrived in Japan and the mixed feelings I was having the morning of my departure are still rattling me. Before I go into depth on them, I must elaborate on the longest flight of my life. Flying over the Pacific Ocean.When I began flying, my first trip of remembrance was to San Francisco… Continue reading The Arrival