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What is a hug?

In amazing human fashion, there are as many different takes on what a hug is as there are people on this planet. In my humble opinion, a hug is a place in which all is communicated and all is felt on the deepest of levels.

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I want you, but I don’t need you: Personal thoughts on self-validation.

Social distancing has got me in the throes of passion. Passionate reflection, that is. Today's topic is self-validation. I might have touched on it here, but it's bothering me, so I'm going to yammer on about it again. The Backstory I have a love-hate relationship with social media. I've had a MySpace, a DeviantArt, a Gaia… Continue reading I want you, but I don’t need you: Personal thoughts on self-validation.

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What do you mean ‘I’ll get lonely?!’

Disclaimer: Any advice given or situations are from my own experiences. Please take what I say with a grain of salt when comparing it to your own situation. When you type into Google “teaching in Japan” or “ALT jobs in Japan,” it may not cross your mind that you’ll be lonely. You can only think… Continue reading What do you mean ‘I’ll get lonely?!’

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Long Time, No See

みなさん、こんにちは!元気ですか。長い間休んで、ごめんなさい。数ヵ月、色々なことがありました。旅行の後、学校に来て、忙しくなりました。私はALTをしていた学校の卒業式を準備しなければいけなし、英語の授業を練習しなければいけなかったです。 そして、最近、御殿場市から浜松市北区まで引っ越しました。御殿場市に比べて、このエリアは何もありません。御殿場はマクドナルドがありますが、ここに一番の近いのはバスで40分ぐらいかかります。マクドナルドがあまり好きじゃなくてよかったですね。 (Translation: Hello, everyone! How are you doing? I’m sorry I took such a long vacation. Many things came up after travelling and I became extremely busy. I had to prepare for graduation and review my English classes. Recently, I moved from Gotemba to Hamamatsu’s northern ward. Compared to Gotemba, there isn’t really anything… Continue reading Long Time, No See

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Pain in the New Year

I had to stop and think about whether or not this was the first post of 2017 before realizing that I’ve already yammered on about something this month. Here’s another post that will drop your IQ a bit more. This will be a personal entry; a journey into my dilapidated mind. Much like a good… Continue reading Pain in the New Year

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The Disease

I think it’s time I talk about “homesickness.” But, before I do, I need to get my thoughts out about what caused it. I was watching a movie called The Little Prince based from a book of the same name. The side story introduced me to this little girl that was surrounded with the pressure… Continue reading The Disease