Cuisine of the Middle Class

Kimchi, Pork, and Tofu

It dawned on me that I should probably write about my meal before posting it to Instagram saying there is, indeed, a blog post detailing the ingredients. Also, I think my butt will start looking like rice if I keep eating as much as I do. Funny how one carb was switched out for another...… Continue reading Kimchi, Pork, and Tofu

Cuisine of the Middle Class

Cabbage and Hot Dogs

Many of you may have been directed here from my Instagram account. Thank you for coming! Let's get down to business. (English) What you'll need: Cabbage Hot dogs (or you preferred kind of sausage) Cooking oil Salt and pepper to taste (Instant macaroni and cheese is optional) Heat the oil in a frying pan. While… Continue reading Cabbage and Hot Dogs

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Ashley Goes to the Konbini

As I was eating my food, I realized that I could do a segment on the things I buy and try out. Unfortunately, the items I'm going to share with you today have already been ingested and are now succumbing to my acid. Wait... that doesn't sound right. Let's try that again! Unfortunately, the items… Continue reading Ashley Goes to the Konbini

Cuisine of the Middle Class

Hurry! Get your curry!

What do you think of when you hear the word “curry?” Ann Curry? Tim Curry? Curry with naan? I bet you weren’t aware that one of the staple dishes in Japan is curry. That’s right! I’m not talking about a stereotype here. Curry in Japan is a soul food – kids roll up their sleeves… Continue reading Hurry! Get your curry!

Everyday Livin'

A Weekend Diary: The Backwoods

Once upon a time, there was a sporadic blogger who disappeared. She was found a year later, quietly rotting away from overwork and self-imposed stress. If you listen closely, you can hear the tapping from the keys on her laptop and the frantic clicking of her mouse. She now serves as a living reminder to… Continue reading A Weekend Diary: The Backwoods

Everyday Livin'

Long Time, No See

みなさん、こんにちは!元気ですか。長い間休んで、ごめんなさい。数ヵ月、色々なことがありました。旅行の後、学校に来て、忙しくなりました。私はALTをしていた学校の卒業式を準備しなければいけなし、英語の授業を練習しなければいけなかったです。 そして、最近、御殿場市から浜松市北区まで引っ越しました。御殿場市に比べて、このエリアは何もありません。御殿場はマクドナルドがありますが、ここに一番の近いのはバスで40分ぐらいかかります。マクドナルドがあまり好きじゃなくてよかったですね。 (Translation: Hello, everyone! How are you doing? I’m sorry I took such a long vacation. Many things came up after travelling and I became extremely busy. I had to prepare for graduation and review my English classes. Recently, I moved from Gotemba to Hamamatsu’s northern ward. Compared to Gotemba, there isn’t really anything… Continue reading Long Time, No See

Everyday Livin'

100-yen Splurge

Hello! And Happy New Year! In Japanese, we say, 「明けましておめでとうございます。」(akemashite omedetou gozaimasu) and is often shortened to 「おめでとうございます。」(omedetou gozaimasu).  When you see a friend or a family member for the first time in the new year, you are required to say it. You're also welcome to extend the politeness to strangers but it's not necessary.… Continue reading 100-yen Splurge


Washoku at the Nomikai.

In September, I went out with my main school to my first drinking party (飲み会, nomikai). Don’t worry if you’re not an alcohol shipper. I’m certainly not and most establishments will provide you with non-alcoholic beverages. I wasn’t a fan of the beer, so I stuck with water and tea. This meeting was at a… Continue reading Washoku at the Nomikai.

Cuisine of the Middle Class · Restaura-scapades

The Ramen Virgin

I can’t remember offhand when I finally got around to having ramen, but I did give it a shot. It was unexpectedly cold one day when I went out to go grocery shopping (and you know what they say about doing that on an empty belly), so I thought I would warm up by stopping… Continue reading The Ramen Virgin

Cuisine of the Middle Class

Potato Soup

Behold the first true installment of my home-cooked adventures! I try to take pictures of what I make for myself in a combined effort to relate and be related to by those of you who struggle to separate your reality from the glorious world of celebrity chefs. I’m by no means a culinary expert. I… Continue reading Potato Soup