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What have you been doing lately? (Part 2)

I shunned the idea and thought, "Pfft, why do I need to go find people? They should come to me!" I mean, that's what my family was always going on about whenever I'd have a falling out with love. Shouldn't it work the same way with friends? God, what a pompous noodle butt I was... am?

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A Weekend Diary: Dilly-dallying Depression and Fried Food

This weekend was interesting in that I tasted the rainbow when it came to emotions... and I didn't even have to eat any Skittles! Usually, I'm preparing and giving an English lesson on Saturdays except that this time, my student e-mailed me to explain that her daughter was placed in in-home quarantine. If you're thinking… Continue reading A Weekend Diary: Dilly-dallying Depression and Fried Food

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Cold, Cold, Aa-choo!

We've all been there. I was there earlier this month. Whenever sudden symptoms crop up, we rush to the internet and research them. 99.9% of the time, it tells us we have some rare form of cancer when in actuality, it's a cold. Next, we look up "easy ways to get over a cold" or… Continue reading Cold, Cold, Aa-choo!

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School Lunch, Ep. 7

I'm a week behind in getting the school lunches to you, the adoring public. This post will be abbreviated and not detail my reactions and opinions. It's not like you need them anyway, lol. April 15, 2019 たけのこご飯 (takenoko gohan, rice with bamboo root and peas) さばじゃがメンチコロッケ (saba jyaga menchi korokke, ground and fried mackerel… Continue reading School Lunch, Ep. 7

Cuisine of the Middle Class

School Lunch, Ep. 8

April 22, 2019 ご飯 (gohan, rice) ポークカレー (pohku kare, pork curry) 大豆のコロッケ (daizu no korokke, bean corquette) 青じそサラダ (aojiso sarada, vegetable salad with Japanese basil dressing)   April 23, 2019 ご飯 (gohan, rice) きびなごのごまフライ(kibinago no goma furai, fried herring) たけのことあらめの煮物 (takenoko to arameno nimono, simmered bamboo with vegetables) かきたま汁 (kakitama shiru, egg flower soup) あまなつ… Continue reading School Lunch, Ep. 8

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School Lunch, Ep. 6

Hello, again! It's me with your school lunch update. You'll have to excuse my tardiness. On Fridays, I want to ignore everything I'm meant to be doing. Unfortunately, that means remaining in a stale state, staring dumbly off into the distance. It's Monday again and I need to shake off the funk. I present to you… Continue reading School Lunch, Ep. 6

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School Lunch, Ep. 5

Good afternoon, everyone! We're finally getting a bit of those April showers here in Japan. The downside to that is that it's chilly. Soon we'll be wishing it back when summer beats down on us. Anyway, I hope your lunch hour went well. What did you eat? I remember eating fried chicken and potato salad the majority… Continue reading School Lunch, Ep. 5

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School Lunch, Ep. 4

Before we get started, have you read my other entries on school lunch? Please be sure to catch up by reading Episodes One, Two, and Three. And awa~y we go~! School lunch is back! And bo~y am I grateful. Just because a new school year starts doesn't mean school lunches are immediately in effect. When… Continue reading School Lunch, Ep. 4

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Osechi: Cooking for Good Luck

Good afternoon! I was just about to post these pictures on Instagram but thought I’d better talk about them here first. While there are plenty of websites that explain what osechi (お節料理) is, this entry will detail my firsthand experience cooking authentic Japanese foods. Here we go! This is what $80 at the supermarket looks… Continue reading Osechi: Cooking for Good Luck

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School Lunch, Ep. 2

Good afternoon, everyone. I hope your day is going well. I'm making use of this blog today in order to fight the after-lunch sleep crunch. As an ALT, I do not participate in student-teacher-parent conferences and... that's what's going on this week before Winter Break starts. My afternoons are totally and utterly free. Here is… Continue reading School Lunch, Ep. 2