There You Are Again

In the thick silence, on your mind; Tiptoeing, the words between us; Your sleep in interrupted, there is no rest in sight.

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There you are again, on my mind

Leaving tracks, the treads from your shoes


A sense of loss



Our tape is damaged, there is no rewind.

In the thick silence, on your mind

Tiptoeing, the words between us


A sense of weight



Your sleep is interrupted, there is no rest in sight.

At least, mine is.

What token can I pay, the change in my pocket

A sense of regret



In the quiet of the night, there is no end to the buzz.

There you are again, on my mind


A sense of faith



Your whispers of love, I hear.

Even across this broken connection, there is an escape.

On the busy street, on your mind

Trudging, the calm you found there

A sense of hope



In our peripheral, rally forth.

I Dreamt You Moved On

I dreamt you moved on

through the muted green background

of the phones that once connected us.

The growing silence,

the spaced messages;

I tried to find the answers

to the universe’s rhetorical questions.

I dreamt you were a leaf

drifting along a stream to the ocean

full of the possibilities that once connected us.

Kissing me along the way,

resting for a moment,

enjoying the space;

we pondered the universe’s rhetorical questions,

for there is no use keeping you from the experiences you seek.

I dreamt you moved on

through to the muted green tides

of the oceans that now connect us.

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Hi, hello. Can you help me?

Hi, hello. Can you help me?

I’m looking for who I used to be.

Unconcerned, dazzled by the simple

Things weren’t so clouded then.


Excuse me. Are you busy?

I’m looking for a life that’s a little less dizzy.

Uncluttered, easy to slide into

A soft, warm blanket would be welcome.


Oh, I’m sorry. Am I bothering you?

I’m looking for any progress that’s not been skewed.

Unbiased, quantifiable evidence

That might be easier to understand after tomorrow.


Do you know who I could call?



It’s important I find a sign.


You see, I miss her dearly.

She used to fill me with such joy,

Acutely affecting all facets of my day.


Hi, hello. Can you help me?

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