Hi, hello. Can you help me?

Hi, hello. Can you help me?

I’m looking for who I used to be.

Unconcerned, dazzled by the simple

Things weren’t so clouded then.


Excuse me. Are you busy?

I’m looking for a life that’s a little less dizzy.

Uncluttered, easy to slide into

A soft, warm blanket would be welcome.


Oh, I’m sorry. Am I bothering you?

I’m looking for any progress that’s not been skewed.

Unbiased, quantifiable evidence

That might be easier to understand after tomorrow.


Do you know who I could call?



It’s important I find a sign.


You see, I miss her dearly.

She used to fill me with such joy,

Acutely affecting all facets of my day.


Hi, hello. Can you help me?

Author: Ashley Coulthard

I'm a Las Vegas native, currently living the expat life in Japan. I have a blog dedicated to my experiences, thoughts, and joys.

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